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By, Songplates Jun 4, 2024

What’s Your Music Taste?

What’s Your Music Taste?

Some music genres are more popular than others. And for you, I have gathered four
music albums each for six music genres. When you listen to any of the albums, for the
first time or one of the many times, I hope it resonates with you.

Music Albums by Genres

Hip-Hop Music Albums
Hip-Hop is a culture as much as it is a genre of music. It was created by African-
Americans, Latino-Americans, and Caribbean-Americans in New York City. The music
albums below are for you to get into the Hip-Hop culture if you are not already a part of
● J-Cole - The Off Season
● Megan Thee Stallion - Good News
● Travis Scott - Utopia
● The Weeknd - After Hours

From Pop Music Artists
Pop music, though used interchangeably for popular music, originated from the UK and
US in the mid-50s. It is associated with music that is more commercial, ephemeral, and
accessible. These qualities mean that you probably know the albums below. If you
don't, dig into them and if you have, fall in love with the sound again.
● Ariana Grande - Positions
● Taylor Swift - Folklore
● Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts
● Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Rhythm & Blues (R&B) Music Albums You Will Love

Popularly called R&B/R'n'B, this music genre came from African-American communities
in the 1940s. It is used to express the African-American experience of pain and the
quest for freedom and joy. Through the lyrics, music artists take their audience on a
journey. These albums below are great representations of the music genre.
● Jorja Smith - Be Right Back
● Lucky Daye - Table for Two
● Kosine - Truth Serum
● Joyce Wrice - Overgrown

Listen to these Jazz Music Albums
This music genre, Jazz, is a blend of African and European music sensibilities. It
originated in the United States from African-American communities. It is rooted in blues
and ragtime. Music artists who sing Jazz, pay attention to the fusion of different cultures
in their sounds. The music albums below are a pathway to reveling in the awesomeness
of Jazz music.
● Roxana Amed - Ontology
● Graham Costello - Second Lives
● Julian Lage - Squint
● Dara Tucker - Dreams of Waking: Music For A Better World

Rock Music Artists Has Something for You
Originated in the early 1940s and 50 from the United States of America as 'Rock and
Roll'. It has since developed into a wide range of different styles. It draws strongly from
electric blues and folk music and is influenced by Jazz, Classical, and other music
genres. These are some of the music albums from rock music artists you will find
● Architects - For Those That Wish to Exist
● Asphyx - Necroceros
● Foo Fighter - Medicine at Midnight
● Citizen - Life in Your Glass World

Country Music Albums for You
This music genre originated with various genres - blues, old-time music, and several
American folk musics. Its many subgenres - Alternative Country, Bakersfield Sound,
Bluegrass, Bro Country, Jug Band, Close Harmony, and lots more - lets you get
different flavors from the same source. Enjoy some of the music albums from Country
music artists.
● Briana Dinsdale - Beginnings
● Brett Kissel - What is Life?
● Alyssa Trahan - Baby Blues & Stilettos
● Ian Fisher - American Standards
I hope these albums help you in all of the ways they can. And you should check out
Songplates for everything music-related.

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