Songplates | What is a music / spotify plaque?
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By, Songplates Jun 3, 2024

What is a music / spotify plaque?

What is a music / spotify plaque?

Here is all there is to know about song plaques which are also called Music plaques & custom album covers but we think Songplates are cooler.


A plaque is an item that is mostly used to memorialize an event or someone. Music plaques are in different forms and they can be created to celebrate a great musician or oneself. Just like a song plaque, a Spotify plaque is a plate with your favorite song on Spotify and your photo on it.

Spotify also uses plaques to celebrate music artists with over 500,000 streams. They are customized acrylic song covers that look the same as what is displayed on the screen when a song is playing on spotify.

How to get Yours

Getting your Spotify plaque is easy and convenient.  offers you an option to create a personalized song plaque of your favorite song in under 1 minute. All you have to do is click here to create yours.