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By, Songplates Jun 4, 2024


The biggest and most popular online music streaming platform, Spotify, made a major move in 2021 by expanding to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. This means that the platform is now available in almost 180 countries across the world. The move was announced in February 2021 and they also expressed their intention to work with local artists to enable them to reach a global audience.

The surge in downloads of the mobile app by music lovers in these countries means more Spotify users and more streams for music artists who have found a place in the heart of many, both home and abroad. In the music space, more people listening to or downloading a song through a streaming platform not only means increased popularity, it also means more income for the music artist.

Spotify is known for its mission to unlock the potential of human creativity, and this is done by creating an opportunity for creative artists to live off their art and give billions of people the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by these creative works.

Music Artists, especially the ones who have a large International fanbase, have testimonials to this, and how the expansion is causing positive growth for their music. The increased streams, downloads and more conversations about their music has a positive impact on them and inspires them to keep putting out music people love.

In a conversation with someone living in one of the countries (Nigeria) Spotify expanded to, he said, "Now I can have all of my favorite local and international songs in one place! And with the premium packages, I also get to contribute to their music's growth." From social media conversations, many other music lovers in these countries also feel the same way.

Streaming music on online streaming platforms is one of the ways people celebrate music artists, and also feel like a part of their growth. Spotify has made this possible for a lot of people with its 2021 expansion, and offers its premium packages at affordable fees. This means that now, music artists can create work and be certain of reaching a large audience, and also make more money from their work. A win! Make your custom spotify album with songplates here