Songplates | Buying Song Plaques? Choose Songplates, Not Etsy?.
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By, Songplates Jun 3, 2024

Buying Song Plaques? Choose Songplates, Not Etsy?.

Buying Song Plaques? Choose Songplates, Not Etsy?.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose Songplates when you need to get your song plaque, keychains and much more

Order Processing
We ship much faster and our quality is assured. Your custom song plaques are made with heavyweight 1/16 inch plexiglass, with a smoothed surface.We laser print your music plaque to create a scratch-resistant surface to ensure the best quality.

Spotify Search
We created an easy to use search module that pre-populates your spotify song in split seconds. No need to manually input the song and other details

After-Sale Service
Unlike Etsy, at Songplates, we follow up with you after every purchase (at your permission). You will get tips on how to care for your song plaque, where to place it in your house, and how to use it to get the maximum benefit.

Wrap Up

Buying song plaques should not be a tedious activity. And whether you are buying it as a gift for a loved one, for yourself, or as a piece of art in your home, choose to buy them from Songplates. We do not only provide beautiful and personalized song plaques for you, but we also ensure that you get your plaques in perfect condition.

Are you looking to buy your first or next song plaque? Buy from Songplates and get the best value - in terms of product and complementary service - for your money.