Songplates | SELLING MUSIC PLAQUES: A Music Artist's Guide
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By, Songplates Oct 8, 2021


Music is a universal language. Irrespective of the genre or artist, people gravitate to sounds that make meaning to them. In the music industry, it is common knowledge that a lot of money goes into producing music. From the cost of studio sessions to recording song's video, music artists put in time, effort, and money to reach people with their music.

Considering the cost associated with producing quality music, music artists seek ways to earn profit from their work and also make money for their investors without compromising on their integrity. With the help of music companies and online streaming music platforms, music artists sell their music to people through CDs, Cassettes, Live Shows, or based on the number of streams their songs have on each online music streaming platform.

Money, for any professional, serves as a form of encouragement and inspires more dedication to the work, which can, in turn, result in putting out quality work every time. Asides from primarily making money from their music streams and live shows, music artists sell other things to diversify their income stream. These multiple streams of income account for the financial success of many music artists.

There are several items - merchandise like T-shirts, Vinyl, Posters, Stickers, and Music Plaques - a music artist can sell to increase their financial portfolio. They can be sold at live shows, music artists' websites, or by the producing companies on behalf of the music artists.

The companies that produce these items are usually music-focused and have the permission of the music artists to produce and sell to people on their behalf. This usually involves a contract - terms of service - signing between the music company and the music artists.

Owning a music artist's merch in any form is one of the ways fans of the music artist show their support and loyalty to the artist. Fans for a music artist are a reflection of the impact the music artist's songs have on people. People who listen to songs like to feel like a part of the song, and providing merch is a great way to include people on a music artist's musical journey.

Songplates, a music-focused company, produces items - music plaques, album covers, keychains - that music artists can use to diversify their income streams. Being one of the music artists Songplates produces merch for, saves you the stress of going through the process of producing and selling the items yourself.

With Songplates, all a music artist needs to do is permit to have the items produced using their song or songs on their behalf.

Signing up as an artist on Songplates also translates to getting quality merch, attracting, and retaining more people to your fanbase.