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By, Songplates Oct 8, 2021

Music Plaque: How to Get Yours as a Artist

Regardless of your genre of music, the number of years you have spent in the music industry, your record label, or even the number of fans you have, as an artist you will, at some point in your music journey, love to have a music plaque. You need something that memorializes you and celebrates your contributions to the industry.

Songplates/ Music Plaque

Celebrating professionals, especially in the entertainment industry, has become the responsibility of some organizations that serve as representatives for people who love the work these music artists do in the industry.

Using music plaques to memorialize or celebrate a music artist or yourself as a music artist is not a modern-day development. Music plaques are as old as the history of music itself. Although there have been significant changes in how they look and are made, music artists have always been celebrated with plaques.

Most successful music artists - dead or alive - have, at some point in their music career, get one or more awarded to them by award organizations. With advancements in society, some of these plaques were created in honor and appreciation of their work by the artists themselves.

There is no absurdity to having music plaques mounted on walls in the houses of music artists and sometimes in their music studios. You, as a music artist, would like to have music plaques to celebrate your works. Songplates enables music artists the opportunity to create their music plaques, whether they have from an award organization or not.

Music Artists that Have Music Plaques

Being an up-and-coming music artist does not exclude you from getting music plaques either through your music streams, units sold, or just as a way of celebrating yourself.

This is not an exhaustive list of the music artists who have music plaques for one or more of their songs. It is to serve as an example, and that it is possible to get yours too.

Whitney Houston

Before her death, Whitney had successful albums and RIAA certified Diamond, Platinum, multi-Platinum, and Gold. It is recorded that she made sales of more than Two Hundred Million (200,000,000) records.

Michael Jackson

The most awarded music artist in the history of music, Michael Jackson had sales of over Three Hundred and Fifty Million (350,000,000) records worldwide. He also had RIAA's Gold and Platinum certifications.


Adele, one of the most successful music artists in the world, has multiple music plaques and is RIAA Gold and Platinum certified. She has made sales of over One Hundred and Twenty Million (120,000,000) records


Popularly known for his authority in rap music, Eminem is one of the most successful music artists, with worldwide sales of over Two Hundred and Twenty Million (220,000,000) records. He also has several awards and is RIAA Platinum and Gold certified and was named by RIAA as the first to earn two digital diamond awards.

Shania Twain

The best-selling female music artist in the history of country music, with over One Hundred Million records sold. Shania Twain is also the only music artist to have three consecutive RIAA Diamond certified Albums.

Mariah Carey

Selling over Two Hundred Million records worldwide, Mariah Carey is one of the best-selling music artists. She also has RIAA Platinum-certified albums.

2 Pac

Tupac Shakur - 2pac - is widely known as the most influential music artist. He sold more than Seventy-Five Million records worldwide and also has RIAA Platinum-certified albums - 4 while he was alive and 7 after his death

How to Get Your Music Plaque

Getting your music plaques as a music artist is a pointer to the beauty of your music and your talent as an artist.

Award Organizations

These organizations deal in granting awards to music artists who are known to be highly successful in their careers. One such organization is the Recording Industry Association of America - RIAA. Established in 1956, this organization was created to honor music artists and track sound recording sales. With time and growth, their awards - Gold, Platinum, and Diamond - have now become a standard of success for music artists.

To get a music plaque from any of these organizations, you have to go through some processes of application, either independently or as a part of a record label. These applications are mostly sent by music artists or their record labels to get music plaques which they can also monetize, depending on the fanbase and level of popularity they have at the time.

Online Music Streaming Services

Like Spotify, these platforms work with music artists and celebrate them with music plaques when their song reaches a specific number of streams. Music artists with more than One million (1,000,000) streams get Platinum and the ones with Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) units get Gold. These platforms use this as a form of incentive to the music artists and also pays them a royalty on streams their song gets.

'Music as an Art' Service Websites

With digital advancements, service providers can now reach their target audience without going to their location. Songplates - a 'Music as an Art' service provider helps music artists create music plaques that are both celebratory and inspiring.

Having a music plaque - created digitally - hung on your wall at home or in your music studio reflects your adaptability to the advancements in technology and speaks to the dynamic nature of your music as an art.

At Songplates, you as a music artist can create your music plaque, or enlist the help of the team to create yours, and have it delivered to your doorstep.


Whether by applying to Award Organizations, working with online music streaming platforms, or visiting websites of 'music as an art' service providers, you can now get your music plaque.

The processes involved in getting music plaques from Award Organizations or online music streaming platforms might be tedious. But platforms that provide 'music as an art' items make the process easy for you and let you celebrate your work, no matter where you are on the music career ladder.