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By, Songplates Nov 29, 2021


To achieve physical wellness, you must choose a form of physical activity that can keep you active and moving. The physical activity you choose can be in any of these forms - walking, dancing, jogging, running, weight-lifting, and many more. 

These physical activities are also known as exercises. As defined on Wikipedia, "Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness." No matter your body size, shape, or condition, it is medically advised that you engage in one or more forms of exercise to stay in shape or achieve your body goals. 

As beneficial as exercises are, most people express concerns about the demands these exercises put on their bodies. Exercises are energy-consuming and require consistency to achieve desired results. The benefits attached to exercising and the need to cope with its demands have led people to find ways to look past the pain and focus on the benefits of exercise.

Several methods of coping with the demanding nature of exercises have been discovered. And aside from the major factor of self-will, using music to exercise is one of the greatest methods of exercising without paying attention to its demands. 

Music is a great tool for relaxation and relief. Many studies have shown the role of music in healing and most people agree that aside from contributing to the healing process, music also has a huge effect on performance during exercises.

This music quote; "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" by Bob Marley goes further to prove the impact of music on the quality of your exercises. When you exercise with music, you get more value from the exercise than when you do not.

This article seeks to let you see how important music is for exercising and some of the ways it enhances your performance during exercise. 

Keep Up Pace

Whether for work or personal goals, exercise is one of the major ways you can achieve a state of physical wellness or that body you have always wanted. While exercising, there is a level of pace to be maintained to make sure that the exercise is effective.

Listening to music before or during the exercise prepares your mind and releases the necessary hormones you need to build and retain stamina before and after exercising. The ability of music to help you build and retain stamina is useful for keeping up the pace and increasing your morale.  

Increased Intensity

Exercising is a vigorous activity. The more vigor involved, the greater the effectiveness of the exercise to help you achieve your goals - either as an athlete or as a lover of exercise. 

Every vigorous activity is intense and music can help your body produce the amount of adrenaline required to apply intensity while exercising. 

Good Distraction

Listening to music during exercise distracts you from the pain associated with the exercise. It helps you take your mind off the process and tune into the music. 

Motivation & Mood Elevation

Exercising is essential for physical wellness and general well-being. Sometimes, you might not feel up to exercising for many reasons. After major events - good or bad, people tend to have a diminished desire to exercise. 

Research has shown that many people get back to exercising with the right music. Music produces a feeling in people that helps to elevate their mood and motivate them to keep moving. 

Music for Exercise

Studies show that there is a significant difference between people who exercise with music and those who do not. 

There are several songs you can listen to before, during, or after your exercise. You can add them to your existing playlist or start using them to exercise. 

These songs below have been carefully curated from different exercise playlists from Spotify and have the right songs you need to exercise better.

  • In Search of Perfection - Fortune

  • Fly - Elle Limebear

  • Living For The Weekend - Hard-FI

  • I Got the Juice - Dream Junkies, Beleaf, Ruslan, John Givez

  • Digital Anger - Morebeatmusic

  • The Power - Ty Brasel, KB

  • Liberty - Rautu

  • Titanium (feat Sia) - David Guetta

  • Way Up - Chris Howland, CASS, Sajan Nauriyal

  • Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson

  • Fix You - Coldplay

  • Forever Young - Alphaville

  • Roar - Katy Perry

  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship

  • Fade Out - Chris Howland

  • Inert Light - GYSNOIZE

  • Be Alright - Evan & Eris, Steven Malcolm

  • Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler

  • Run (Revised Album Version) - Snow Patrol

  • A Little Bit More - Dr. Hook

Time to Start Exercising with Music

Have you been exercising without achieving your desired result? Or do you want to improve the quality of your exercises? Listen to music before, during, and after your exercise. 

Music is not just in the combination of instruments, vocals, and chords, it is also about the feeling it spurs in you. There is music for everything, from love, to study, and many more. You should not miss out on the power of music to enhance your exercise performance and help you achieve your desired result.