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By, Songplates Jan 3, 2022



In a world where several gift options exist, finding the right gift for someone requires a lot of thinking through the options available. What inspires your choice of gift varies according to seasons, occasions, or even the person you are giving a gift to. Gifting is an act of giving someone (friend, family member, colleague, classmate, partner, or even a neighbor) something, as a way to express gratitude or love. A gift can be given on special occasions like birthdays, wedding ceremonies, valentines, Christmas, graduations, or anniversaries. Finding the right gift can help to build or improve your relationship with someone and also help you discover new things about them. 

A plaque, coined from the French word “plates”, not the regular dinner plate, it’s a small brass or thin plate that commemorates a person or an event, and can fit on a wall or other surfaces.A song plaque also known as a spotify plaque, custom album cover contains songs on an album, playlists, or a compilation of the person’s favorite songs, to commemorate a person. 

Music is not dependent on seasons, you can put a song on a plate for your loved ones as a gift on any occasion and at any time of the year. This also helps you streamline your thoughts and reduces the time that you put into choosing the right gift for someone.

The next time you think of giving someone a gift, here are six great reasons you should choose a song plaque as the right gift. 

  1. Shared Memories on a Plate

Ever heard a song and you remember a time when you listened to it with someone? All the emotions that you felt at that time could come rushing back to you in a flash. The human brain is wired to attach events to things, and songs do well in reminding us of memories that we cherish. 

You can help someone feel that way by putting all the songs you both (for example, your partner or sibling) find interesting or enjoy on a plate. It is also important to know the recipient’s song preferences and include their favorite songs too. 

The best way to remind someone of you, and the memories you both have shared, is to put your shared favorite songs on a plate. 

  1. Show of Love

Love is an abstract feeling, and many people feel loved when they receive gifts from their loved ones. Gifts are a way to say, “I think and care about you.” The kinds of gifts you give to a person are largely dependent on the things that excite the person or a need the person is looking to fulfill. 

For lovers of music, there are many ways to show them that you love them, and receiving a customized plaque of their favorite songs from someone they have a relationship with, is one of them. If the next person you want to give a gift is a lover of music, then you have the answer to your gift questions here. 

  1. You Can Do It Yourself (DIY)

Putting songs on a plate as a gift is now easy to do with technology. There are a lot of resources on the internet that can show you how to create a song plaque with little or no cost. DIY methods are available to show you how to put songs on a plate and customize it according to the recipient of the gift. 

Also, several platforms exist that can help you create a song plaque that will satisfy the recipient of your gift. On Songplates, you can create songs on a plate under a minute and send it as a gift to someone, at affordable rates depending on your preference. 

      4.)  Inspire Through Art

Music and everything about it expresses art in one form or the other. Collecting art is one way people find meaning in life and also get inspiration to create or recreate. 

Studies have shown that music can uplift and inspire humans. The elements of music contribute to making a person experience emotions. The right song at the right time can heal the heart.  Life throws a lot of things at us, and you might know someone who is going through a phase in their life where they need the inspiration to stay afloat. One of the ways to inspire them is to put their favorite song or a list of inspirational songs on a plate and give it to them. 

5.) Unique Gift

People love to receive special gifts, especially if they are personalized and thoughtful gifts. It can also help them feel a sense of affection, and create a feeling of reassurance in the relationship. 

Having their favorite songs on a plate is not something people get as gifts regularly, and that is one reason to give it to someone. The fact that it is not a regular gift makes it special to the recipient. 

Gifting should not be a boring activity, and putting a person’s favorite songs on a plate is a way to add spice to your act of giving. 

6.) Strengthen Relationship Bond

Gifts are best known to spur feelings of gratitude towards the giver, from recipients of gifts and also strengthen the bond both parties share.Giving someone a song plaque means that you care enough about them to give thoughts to their song preferences. It could also strike a conversation between you and the recipient, and reveal more about their song preferences (why they like a particular song or any memory attached to a song).

Choosing a Song Plaque

Giving the right gifts matters as much as the act of giving. You would like to receive a special and valuable gift, so you should choose the right gifts whenever you want to give them to someone. 

A song plaque possesses the features (uniqueness and durability) that make a gift of immense value to the recipient.  

Considering how technology has changed and continues to change the world, you can now get everything from the comfort of your home, easily and conveniently without compromising on quality. Gift a Songplate here